Trails and Adopters

Below is a list of trails in the Northeast Kingdom and the people who help maintain them.
Norton, Vermont
Lewis, Vermont
Warren’s Gore, Vermont
Brighton, Vermont
Ferdinand, Vermont
Westmore, Vermont
Sutton, Vermont
Sheffield, Vermont
Burke, Vermont
Brunswick, Vermont
Granby, Vermont
Holland, Vermont
Victory, Vermont

If you would like to help maintain a trail or simply monitor a trail for maintenance needs, contact or sign up with our Trail Adoption Coordinator, Kevin Williamson
All abilities welcome; please help by volunteering your time.

Trails Workshops

GMC offers basic and advanced trail workshops throughout the year with limited trail maintenance outings offered by the local NEK Section.
For more information contact the GMC Waterbury office (802)244-7037
Visit our ‘Volunteer’ page for more ways to help.


Responsibilities for trail adoption/maintainance include: cleaning out leaves and debris in drainage structures, keeping the trail clear of blowdowns, brush and annual vegetation, maintaining well-defined paint blazes, blocking in unofficial trails and campsites with brush and debris, making an assessment of the condition of the trail and listing problems that need attention, reporting on signs that are missing, inaccurate, damaged or needed. Also conduct walk-throughs of the trail – at least twice a year (spring/fall), submit work trip reports and report major problems to the Trail Coordinator.

NEK GMC Trails Checklist – This list was created as a fun way to get to know all the hiking opportunities in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Different from a summit list, this checklist wants you to explore all the trails in our area. There are no prizes for completing the list, though we would enjoy knowing when you have. The trails with the GMC logo are trails that we have adopted and care for. Download the attached PDF file and have fun checking off the trails! NEK GMC Trail Checklist PDF