The Northeast Kingdom Section of Vermont’s Green Mountain Club provides and preserves hiking opportunities and supports land and wildlife stewardship in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont.

NEK Section Green Mountain Club

Upcoming Events!

S.L.O.T.H. Golden Road Hike – July 3rd

S.L.O.T.H. “Sauntering Ladies On Therapeutic Hikes“ is a group developed for ladies of all ages who desire to make the journey the destination. There is something special about hiking through a beautiful hardwood forest. This 5 mile hike skirts the base of Umpire Mountain and heads towards Victory Bog. Following an unused bike path, it is quite even ground and would be considered easy to moderate with small hills. We will stop at a secluded lean-to for lunch and then decide if we want to continue on the trail to where it meets up with another trail before heading back. Participation is limited to 10. Contact Susan s.j.p.winsor@gmail.com to participate.

Golden Road Map: https://www.trailfinder.info/trails/trail/victory-state-forest-trails

S.L.O.T.H. Bill Sladyk WMA Hike – July 6th

S.L.O.T.H. “Sauntering Ladies On Therapeutic Hikes“. These no pressure hikes are for ladies of all ages who desire to make the journey their destination. There is the possibility to explore four ponds on this hike – Holland Pond (where we begin), Beaver Pond, Round Pond and Turtle Pond. We will have lunch at a remote lean-to. Remote and underused, we will have a couple of challenging brook crossings but a wonderful way to spend the day. This is a moderately easy hike, on mainly logging roads. It is approximately 4.5 miles. Contact Susan s.j.p.winsor@gmail.com to participate.

NEK Mountain Trail Guide Release – July 9th

Join the Northwoods Stewardship Center in the release of their Ultimate Northeast Kingdom Trail Guide!

July 9th from 4pm to 8pm at Dirt Church Brewing Co, in East Haven, VT

This comprehensive, 250-page guide to the mountain hiking trails of northeastern Vermont includes photos, maps, and descriptions of 20 mountains and 27 trail systems, as well as details on the history of trail building, the Civilian Conservation Corps, firetowers, natural history, and much more. Now, this trail guide will help hikers in the NEK, visitors and residents alike, explore the well-loved and lesser-known trails of our beautiful corner of the state. https://www.northwoodscenter.org/wordpress/event/trail-guide-book-launch/

Please join Northwoods in celebrating the official launch of the second edition at the official book launch at Dirt Church Brewing! There will be live music, delicious food, and of course books for sale!

Or you can order the book online: https://www.northwoodscenter.org/wordpress/nek-mountain-trail-guide/

Summer Hike and Meeting – July 17th

Join us at GMCNEK member Lenny Targonski’s Camp 11AM – 4PM for an out and back hike to a shelter on Round Pond in the Bill Sladyk WMA; the hike is about a 4 mile out and back with little elevation gain. Then, a potluck lunch and quarterly meeting where will will review past, current and upcoming happenings.

Lenny’s to Round Pond Map

S.L.O.T. Hike to Peacham Bog – June 29th

“S.L.O.T.H.” (Sauntering Ladies On Therapeutic Hikes) hikes for ladies only who would like to hike with less pressure on the destination and more emphasis on the journey. Excellent saunter into the the Peacham Bog from Martin’s Pond in Peacham. Photo credit to Susan Esons.

Peacham Bog Trail Map: https://www.trailfinder.info/trails/trail/groton-state-forest-nature-center-hiking-trails

S.L.O.T.H. Hike the South Shore Trail – June 26th

“S.L.O.T.H.” (Sauntering Ladies On Therapeutic Hikes) hikes for ladies only who would like to hike with less pressure on the destination and more emphasis on the journey.Yes, it was hot, but the sauntering ladies made their way around the loop and even went to the “cave” and ‘Jurassic Park” on the way to the cliffs. Cooling off in Lake Willoughby made the day complete. Thank you, Jill Lillis, for some of the photos!

South Shore Trail: https://www.trailfinder.info/trails/trail/willoughby-state-forest-south-shore-south-beach-trails

Brighton Trails Day – June 25th

Brighton Trails Day 2nd Annual and 3rd Anniversary of the opening of the Kingdom Heritage is complete. We met at the pavilion in the center of town at 8:30am to signup from a list of hikes, by 9:10am we were headed for the trailheads. Surprisingly, nobody signed up for the Bluff Ridge Hike (11 miles), which was full last year. We covered around 28 miles on 5 hikes.



S.L.O.T.H. Hike to Kettle Pond – June 22nd

Another “S.L.O.T.H.” (Sauntering Ladies On Therapeutic Hikes) hike for ladies only is complete. The rain in the morning did not deter the Sauntering Ladies from hiking the Kettle Pond Loop. This sweet 3 mile+ loop circles a beautiful glacial pond passing by numerous primitive camping areas and lean-tos. All in all, an easy hike with boulders and a deep forest canopy.

Kettle Pond Loop: https://www.trailfinder.info/trails/trail/groton-state-forest-kettle-pond

“One Cut” Williamson on the KHT – June 21st

There was a report of trees down on the Kingdom Heritage Trail. Trail Maintenance Leader Kevin Williamson (One Cut) was quick to grab his axe and head out to Bluff Ridge. I spent 11 hours doing trail work on Bluff Mountain yesterday. Wished I could say it was done, but that’s never really the case.”

S.L.O.T.H. Hike #1: Paul Moffatt Trail and Newark Conservation Trail – June 15th

Our first Sauntering Ladies On Therapeutic Hikes was a great success. Eight participants sauntered through the Westmore Forest and bog, taking time to share knowledge and enjoy the amazing variety of flora, fauna and bird songs.


National Trails Day, Owls Head Mountain – June 4th

Five of us were able to coordinate and navigate our way to the Owls Head Mountain Trail in Groton State Forest for a 3 mile round trip hike to the summit of Owls Head. It was a perfect day and the views were spectaclar!

Trail Work Day, Cow Mountain – May 1st

Led by our infamous “One Cut” Williamson 10 hearty volunteers met Bruce Berryman at the trailhead for a day of clearing trails at Cow Mountain Forest. Along the walk to the junction of the loop Bruce provided us with a history of the Cow Mountain Legacy. We split the group at the junction and with axe, saw, brush-cutters and physical labor we removed debris and fallen trees along the entire trail, and spur trails. There was some fun and laughter to be had along the way.

Annual Meeting and Hike – April 3rd

We started out in Westmore at the CCC road trailhead. More than a dozen attended with a few new faces included. Everyone brought micro-spikes or spiked footwear; it was a good thing because the CCC road was icy and snowy. The original plan was to do a 5 mile loop but once we reached the Herbert Hawkes Trailhead we realized we did not have time to do the loop and get to the meeting on time. The majority of people from the hike made the meeting as well. It was a great day of conversations!

Minutes: nekgmc.org/nekgmc-minutes

Spring Newsletter: Ramblings Volume 3 – 4

Have you considered being a Trail Adopter? – March 15th

It’s almost time for another season of trail work to begin. Here in the Northeast Kingdom we have at least three trails that are still eligible for adoption. An online application process must be successfully completed before any new assignments become official. Please note: These volunteer positions require a commitment of at least three or four days during the snow-free months, and the work of removing blowdowns and cleaning out waterbars can be physically demanding. Training for new recruits is available. If you have any interest in joining our trail adoption program, please contact Kevin Williamson at overmtn@charter.net . Thank you!

The following trails are currently available:
1) East Trail on Mount Pisgah in Westmore (1.9 miles)
2) Cow Mountain Forest Trails in Granby (approx. 6 miles, enough for two adopters)
3) Bluff Mountain Ridge Trail in Averys Gore and Brighton – middle section from Pine Brook Road to main summit (approx. 3 miles of trail, with an equally long access and egress on gated road).

Emergency Wood Relocation – March 10th

The word went out that the wood pile was getting low at Hadsel Mares Camp on Wheeler Pond. Paul, Bart, Cathi and John headed over to relocated wood from the upper wood shed to the lower. Within a few hours we had a bay filled.

The Northeast Kingdom meets the American Southwest – March 3rd

Three of our NEK Members shared their experience visiting National Parks during a Taylor Series Event.

Hike & Eat & Greet #4 – February 27th

Our 4th Eat & Greet and hike was a huge success! Around a dozen hikers showed up at 8:30AM to hike the Bluff Community Trail to the overlook near the Bluff South Summit. After we all headed to Hobo’s Cafe to meet more people and enjoy a delicious meal.

Winter 2022 Newsletter – January 30th

Check out our latest Rambling 3-3!

Winter Meeting – January 23rd

Northwoods Stewardship Center hosted our GMC NEK quarterly meeting, which we also held via Zoom. Executive Director Maria Young gave us a tour of the trails prior to the meeting, then gave an excellent presentation about all that Northwoods Stewardship does. Follow this link for Meeting Minutes

Observatory Knob – January 16th

Bart Selle led one of his favorite hikes to Observatory Knob. A great day was had by all.

First Day Hike – January 1, 2022

In cooperation with Vermont State Parks Cathi Brooks volunteered to lead a hike on CCC road up Mt. Hor. Freezing rain threatened the day but several hearty souls attended.

Clearing trails on Burke Mountain – December 13th

Trail Adopter Cathi with help from Bart out on the trail late in the season clearing these blowdowns on Burke.

East Trail Hike up Mt. Pisgah – December 12th

This hike was originally scheduled for Saturday December 11th; the weather forecast changed the plans to Sunday. Bart, Beth, Paul and John headed out on a slippery path. Just above the junction with the North Trail we turned back because of icy conditions.

Eat & Greet # 3 – December 5th

Beth organized another event at The Gap Pub and Grill in Westmore,  Members and non-members were welcome, the more the merrier! Members Paul, Bart, Kevin and Beth attended.

Wood stacking day at Hadsel Mares Camp – November 16th

Paul led us at another wood stacking day at Wheeler Pond. Together we stacked 2 cords of wood and enjoyed whoopie pies after.

Hike on the Golden Road – November 6th

Paul led what has become an annual hike on the Golden Road. The weather was great and lots of conversation and laughing could be heard. This hike was about a 7 mile out and back. We paused and shared memories of Jean Haigh along the way.

Hadsel Mares Wood Stacking – November 4th

A nice group of volunteers showed up for wood stacking at Wheeler Pond. Mollie arrived from headquarters with 2 wheelbarrows and we transported all the seasoned wood to the shed by the cabin while others stacked the rest of the wood at the upper shed. Local Donut opened on their day off to provide us with a delicious treat at break time. Paul also provided a scrumptious homemade pizza.

Fall Newsletter – Ramblings

Check out our Newsletter! Beth did a great job with her first newsletter! Ramblings 3-2

Fall Meeting – October 24th

We took a pre-meeting hike on some of the local bicycle trails in a 3 mile loop. We had a good turnout for the meeting with 3 guest speakers including GMC Executive Director Mike Debonis, Northwoods Stewardship Conservation Corp Director Dusty May, and Forest, Parks and Recreation Specialist Luke O’Brien. Great information was shared by all.

You can find the Minutes here: Meeting Minutes

Greet and Eat – October 16th

Beth and Kenn held a successful Greet and Eat at Chez Pidgeon in Norton, VT. We met current members and gained some new members and friends while there.

Wilderness First Aid – October 14th & 15th

Julie and John participated in two day training with Andrea at Train NEK and were certified in both wilderness first aid and CPR.

Victory Hike – September 7th

Paul, Susan and Cathi went for a hike in Victory. Our two resident foraging experts were able to describe many of the local flora along the way.

Meet and Eat at Parker Pie – September 5th

Beth Barnes our Membership Coordinator says the Meet and Eat at Parker Pie was a big success! So much so, the Parker Pie would like to do it again. We also have other Meet and Eat’s planned on our event calendar! Come on out and meet us!

Long Trail Day 2021 – August 28th

Our team Kingdom Express had a great day hiking Jay Peak. With intermittent showers at the summit we decided not to continue to Rte 105 and instead we all hiked a one of the ski trails down to the base where Paul had left his truck. We also were able to introduce ourselves to the Northern Frontier Section who were set up for Trail Magic at the junction of Rte 242 and the Long Trail.

August 9th

It was a short notice call to ride instead of hike. Two members (Barb and Gordon) met me (John Predom) at the train station in Island Pond where we admired the new bicycle repair stations. Then we drove to a parking area on South America Pond Road and rode our bicycles to South America Pond and beyond. The whole trip was only 6 or 7 miles.

July 31st

Brighton Trail Day was a huge success! Not counting volunteers (which there were many) we had 26 hikers sign up for hikes. Below are a few of the moments captured.

June 28th – Announcement!
We are excited to announce a BIG event happening Saturday July 31st in Island Pond, Vermont. The Green Mountain Club Northeast Kingdom Section along with the Town of Brighton are hosting a day of hiking on the local trails.
Meet at the pavilion in town at 8 AM and sign up for one of the 6 offered hikes. The hikes vary in distance and difficulty; the longest 11 miles and the shortest is 1.5 miles. Be sure to have plenty of water, snacks, and insect repellent for the hike you choose. The 11 mile hike will be taking a lunch break along the trail; others might too. Or wait and enjoy some of the local restaurants in town after.Brighton Trails Day
July 14th
Andrea Kane and John Predom assisted Northwoods Stewardship Conservation Corp. Back Country Youth Crew with trail work on the Cow Mountain Trail System. We were taught how to use a fire rake to clear the top layer of earth from the trail.
Northwoods Back Country Youth Crew
Northwoods Back Country Youth Crew
June 12th
Beth Barnes led a group of 5 on a hike in Holbrook State Park in Sheffield, Vermont. This was Beth’s first time leading a hike and received positive comments from those participating.
June 5th
John Predom led a group of 6 people on a hike up Burke Mountain. We followed the Red Trail to the shelter, then took the Blue Trail to the summit. The views were spectacular! We saw several different types of wildflowers along the way. Only 3 braved the tower at the summit!
June 2nd
Thank you to our friends at Burke Mountain Academy, who volunteered at Wheeler Pond Camps on June 2.
These students spent half the day removing the invasive yellow flag iris from the shoreline, alongside our conservation team. These plants are native to Europe, and outcompete native Vermont plants because they’re pretty resistant to heavy drought. They also easily spread as seeds move downstream.
The students then went above and beyond by also stacking about a cord and half of firewood. We’re so thankful for all their hard work! Burke Mountain Academy students with the removed iris.
Photo courtesy: Mollie Flanigan
May 22nd
Our Membership Coordinator Beth Barnes has been out and about holding tabling events. Perhaps you’ve seen her? If you do, stop and say hello!
Beth Barnes and Stephanie, an adopter at Jay tabling at a farmers market.

Link to History of Past Events