The Northeast Kingdom Section of Vermont’s Green Mountain Club provides and preserves hiking opportunities and supports land and wildlife stewardship in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont.

NEK Section Green Mountain Club

Many of our members have been out hiking and posting photos. Check out our Facebook page by following the link on the right or clicking here Facebook.com/groups/gmcnek/ Also follow us on Instagram @gmcnek

Wood stacking day at Hadsel Mares Camp – November 16th

Paul led us at another wood stacking day at Wheeler Pond. Together we stacked 2 cords of wood and enjoyed whoopie pies after.

Hike on the Golden Road – November 6th

Paul led what has become an annual hike on the Golden Road. The weather was great and lots of conversation and laughing could be heard. This hike was about a 7 mile out and back. We paused and shared memories of Jean Haigh along the way.

Hadsel Mares Wood Stacking – November 4th

A nice group of volunteers showed up for wood stacking at Wheeler Pond. Mollie arrived from headquarters with 2 wheelbarrows and we transported all the seasoned wood to the shed by the cabin while others stacked the rest of the wood at the upper shed. Local Donut opened on their day off to provide us with a delicious treat at break time. Paul also provided a scrumptious homemade pizza.

Fall Newsletter – Ramblings

Check out our Newsletter! Beth did a great job with her first newsletter! Ramblings 3-2

Fall Meeting – October 24th

We took a pre-meeting hike on some of the local bicycle trails in a 3 mile loop. We had a good turnout for the meeting with 3 guest speakers including GMC Executive Director Mike Debonis, Northwoods Stewardship Conservation Corp Director Dusty May, and Forest, Parks and Recreation Specialist Luke O’Brien. Great information was shared by all.

You can find the Minutes here: Meeting Minutes

Greet and Eat – October 16th

Beth and Kenn held a successful Greet and Eat at Chez Pidgeon in Norton, VT. We met current members and gained some new members and friends while there.

Wilderness First Aid – October 14th & 15th

Julie and John participated in two day training with Andrea at Train NEK and were certified in both wilderness first aid and CPR.

Victory Hike – September 7th

Paul, Susan and Cathi went for a hike in Victory. Our two resident foraging experts were able to describe many of the local flora along the way.

Meet and Eat at Parker Pie – September 5th

Beth Barnes our Membership Coordinator says the Meet and Eat at Parker Pie was a big success! So much so, the Parker Pie would like to do it again. We also have other Meet and Eat’s planned on our event calendar! Come on out and meet us!

Long Trail Day 2021 – August 28th

Our team Kingdom Express had a great day hiking Jay Peak. With intermittent showers at the summit we decided not to continue to Rte 105 and instead we all hiked a one of the ski trails down to the base where Paul had left his truck. We also were able to introduce ourselves to the Northern Frontier Section who were set up for Trail Magic at the junction of Rte 242 and the Long Trail.

August 9th

It was a short notice call to ride instead of hike. Two members (Barb and Gordon) met me (John Predom) at the train station in Island Pond where we admired the new bicycle repair stations. Then we drove to a parking area on South America Pond Road and rode our bicycles to South America Pond and beyond. The whole trip was only 6 or 7 miles.

July 31st

Brighton Trail Day was a huge success! Not counting volunteers (which there were many) we had 26 hikers sign up for hikes. Below are a few of the moments captured.

June 28th – Announcement!
We are excited to announce a BIG event happening Saturday July 31st in Island Pond, Vermont. The Green Mountain Club Northeast Kingdom Section along with the Town of Brighton are hosting a day of hiking on the local trails.
Meet at the pavilion in town at 8 AM and sign up for one of the 6 offered hikes. The hikes vary in distance and difficulty; the longest 11 miles and the shortest is 1.5 miles. Be sure to have plenty of water, snacks, and insect repellent for the hike you choose. The 11 mile hike will be taking a lunch break along the trail; others might too. Or wait and enjoy some of the local restaurants in town after.Brighton Trails Day
July 14th
Andrea Kane and John Predom assisted Northwoods Stewardship Conservation Corp. Back Country Youth Crew with trail work on the Cow Mountain Trail System. We were taught how to use a fire rake to clear the top layer of earth from the trail.
Northwoods Back Country Youth Crew
Northwoods Back Country Youth Crew
June 12th
Beth Barnes led a group of 5 on a hike in Holbrook State Park in Sheffield, Vermont. This was Beth’s first time leading a hike and received positive comments from those participating.
June 5th
John Predom led a group of 6 people on a hike up Burke Mountain. We followed the Red Trail to the shelter, then took the Blue Trail to the summit. The views were spectacular! We saw several different types of wildflowers along the way. Only 3 braved the tower at the summit!
June 2nd
Thank you to our friends at Burke Mountain Academy, who volunteered at Wheeler Pond Camps on June 2.
These students spent half the day removing the invasive yellow flag iris from the shoreline, alongside our conservation team. These plants are native to Europe, and outcompete native Vermont plants because they’re pretty resistant to heavy drought. They also easily spread as seeds move downstream.
The students then went above and beyond by also stacking about a cord and half of firewood. We’re so thankful for all their hard work! Burke Mountain Academy students with the removed iris.
Photo courtesy: Mollie Flanigan
May 22nd
Our Membership Coordinator Beth Barnes has been out and about holding tabling events. Perhaps you’ve seen her? If you do, stop and say hello!
Beth Barnes and Stephanie, an adopter at Jay tabling at a farmers market.

April 11th

Our Annual Section Meeting was held via Zoom. The turnout was small, being attended by most of the executive committee,  appointees and a few members. The details can be found in the Minutes tab above. Also view the current  NEK Spring Newletter.pdf  or in the “Newletter” tab above.

March 8th

Our own Susana Johnston completed her Winter Long Trail E2E (End to End)
There are only 11 known people to have accomplished this incredible feat!
Read her amazing story here Winter Long Trail E2E.
Susana and Chris are also trail adopters for the Gore East Trail and keep that trail open for us all to enjoy. Thank you!

February 21st
On Sunday, we met at the new Mad Brook Trailhead (1/4 mile above the old trailhead) to snowshoe to the summit of Bald Mountain. Beth Barnes, Cathi Brooks, Paul Trojano and John Predom (me) were in high spirits to see each other and hike together. The trail had not been broken in a while and in places there was no evidence of a trail. We made it to the summit in good time.

February 5th

Our Volunteer Membership Coordinator Beth Barnes did an interview on NEK VT Rocks. Watch the full interview here.

December 29th Mt. Hor Hike in Willoughby State Forest

Tuesday John Predom led a spontaneous group hike to the summit of Mt. Hor with side hikes to the overlooks. The turnout was good with just one short of the maximum hike number of 10. We were all happy to see each other and though spread out there was lots of conversations along the way. This hike required a large parking area as we had to meet at the trailhead. We hiked the CCC road to the Herbert Hawkes Trail with a round trip total of 6.8 miles.

October 31st Golden Road Hike in Victory, VT

Saturday Paul Trojano led a hike on the Golden Road Trail. This hike was dedicated to the memory of Jean Haigh who passed one year ago on this same hike. Memories of her filled the day.

October 18th Hike to Headwaters Camp

Sunday Michael Chernick led an official section group hike on the Unknown Pond Trail to Headwaters Camp. A wet and snowy hike up Middle Mountain with Michael Chernick, Bart Selle , Hope Crifo, Paul Trojano, and Fred Raymond.